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Iridescent Tweezer Bundle

Iridescent Tweezer Bundle

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Bundle and save big with our Iridescent Tweezer collection bundle!

This lash extension tweezer bundle includes all seven tweezers from our Iridescent lash tweezer collection. Perfect for classic, hybrid, and volume lash artists looking for premium quality lashing tools to help you create the perfect lash look.


  • Iridescent/Rainbow color polish medical-grade stainless steel tweezers
  •  Withstand both chemical and atmospheric conditions
  • Tweezer is counterbalanced to ensure a precise application
  • Hand-tested by lash artist for quality
  • Loose grip and lightweight design to help eliminate wrist, finger, and hand fatigue
  • Great for classic, hybrid and, volume lashes
  • Iridescent and clear cosmetic bag included
  • 7 different tweezer shapes included