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Gold Beak Lash Tweezers - Model #101

Gold Beak Lash Tweezers - Model #101

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Our Beak eyelash extension tweezer is a true triple threat.

It features a 45-degree angled fine tip. Ideal for natural lash isolation, classic, and volume lash extensions. It's hand polished to perfection to create a lightweight design to help lessen tension to your precious lashing hands.


  • Gold-plated medical-grade stainless steel tweezers
  • ¬†Withstand both chemical and atmospheric conditions
  • Tweezer is counterbalanced to ensure a precise application
  • Hand-tested by Lash artist for quality
  • Loose grip and lightweight design to help eliminate wrist, finger, and hand fatigue
  • Great for creating fine base volume fans
  • 45-degree angle fine tip