Lash Tweezers - Curved Gold Tweezer

Lash Tweezers - Curved Gold Tweezer

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Woah baby checkout those Lashista Curves!

From the beginning of lashing time, this signature curve has become one of the most essential lashing tools. Gives you the versatility to work with Classic and Volume lashes as well as for isolation if used up-side-down.

All of our tweezers are made with medical-grade hand finished chromium steel, allowing it to withstand both chemical and atmospheric conditions. Chromium steel also allows high heat sterilization and superior wear and tear resistance. Each tweezer is counterbalanced to ensure a precise application.

As part of our A+ standard, we make sure to hand test each tweezer before being shipped out to you.

All of the Impact Glamour Gold Polished Tweezer collection features an 18k gold polished finish. Promising you an everlasting golden glow!