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Classic eyelash extensions are individual strands applied by the lash technician using a 1:1 ration to achieve a very natural look.

Classic Full set $150

Classic Refill (2-3 weeks) $60-$75


Hybrid eyelash extensions are a step up from classic if you are looking for a darker fuller look. This technique requires the lash technician to combine both classic and volume extension techniques.

 Hybrid Full set $200

 Hybrid Refill (2-3 weeks) $75-$85



Volume eyelash extensions are for those looking for a more dramatic noticable lash look. This advanced technique requires the lash technician to work with the finnest lash extensions available. The extensions are light and fluffy to the touch! This light lash type allows the lash technician to create volume fans using multiple strands to attach to one natural lash.

Volume Full Set $300

Volume Refill (2-3 weeks) $115-$125


Mega Volume eyelash extensions are the darkess lash look you can achieve. This look requires the lash technician to work with a lash thickness of 0.03 which is the finnest hair in the volume lash category. 

 Mega Volume Full Set $350

 Hybrid Refill (2-3 weeks) $135-$150



Complete your lash look with bottom Classic or Volume lash extensions. The lash technician will ad only 20-30 extension to bottom natural lashes, using small lash lenghths such as 6mm-8mm to create a mascara look.

Bottom Lashes Full Set $60

Bottom Lashes Refill (2-3 weeks) $45


Lash Extensions should ONLY be removed by a lash technician, with the use of our Impact Glamour Hypoallergenic professional remover product combine with the peel off technique to assure no damage on the natural lash.

 Removal $40


    Teeth Whitening 

Teeth Whitening 

Get a whiter and brighter smile with our professional teeth whitening service. With just one session of 15 min you can achieve results of 4 shades lighter with minimum pain and sensativity. Enjoy this fast and effective service inside the comfort of one of our private rooms while seated in our deluxe full body zero gravity massage chair. 

(Results may vary depending on each individuals natural tooth color prior to the service.)

Teeth Whitening - One 15-20 Minute session $85

 Teeth Whitening - Two 15-20 Minute session $150

Teeth Whitening - Three 15-20 Minute session $199

    Waxing & Brow Tinting


Enjoy perfectly filled in brows for 10 days to a week with a semi permanent brow tinting service.

Eyebrow Tinting $30

Eyebrow Tinting & wax $45


Shape your brows to perfection with our brow wax service, using the most gentle wax to prevent irritation on skin. Followed by a trimming and a coating of natural Aloe Vera to help hydrate sking after waxing.

 Brow Wax $15



 Upper Lip Wax $10.00

 Chin/Sideburns/Cheecks/Nose Wax $10 (Per Area)

Underarm Wax $20

Full Face Wax $45

 Brazilian/Bikini Wax $50 (Per Area)

 Legs/Arms $35 (Per Area)


SunFX is the healthy sunless tanning alternative, offering perfect coverage for a fast, natural looking sun kissed tan every time! SunFX all natural spray tan formulas are a unique combination of Organic natural & hypo-alergic ingridients that not only deliver the perfect spray tan but also built, nourish and hudrate the skin all at the same time.

  •  Full Body Spray Tan $45