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Volume & Mega Volume Mastery

Our Volume & Mega Volume 3 Day course is the perfect way to expand your lashing skills and services. Volume, Mega & Hybrid lashes are now becoming more and more popular and chosen more often by lash clients looking for a fluffy, full and glamorous lash look. Our Volume Master instructor Nicole M, has specialized in the Volume Lash technique for eight years and counting and has perfected her unique Speed Volume lashing technique which allows lash technicians to create perfectly spread out lash fans with a very fine base for the perfect lash fan application and bulletproof retention results and at half of the time it takes doing other volume techniques. This course is designed to be completely hands-on and includes a live model practice exercise on day 3 of training and to make it even easier for you we acquire the lash models for all of our students.

The most important element for Volume Lashing is working with high quality Eyelash Extensions. Like they say "work smart not hard." So to set you up for success with your new volume lashing skills this course includes our advanced Pro Volume Lash Kit which includes a wide variety of our best selling Volume lashes that spread like butter!

To be eligible to take this course you must have lashing experience of at least one year. Must know know how to isolate natural lashes,

Join Our lash mission is to create quality certified Lash Technicians that share the same passion for providing Premium Quality Services and to help us spread the lash love for safe, non-damaging, long lasting and oh so beautiful lash looks.

Course Breakdown

Understanding who can be lashed - Consultation

Learning the benefits of release forms

In-depth review of allergies & common infections

Understanding the natural eyelash growth cycle

Understanding the various types of natural lashes

Adhesive chemistry & science behind it

Set-up, safety, & sanitation

Importance of isolation vs application

Eye shapes and what is realistic

Lash mapping & designs

How to tape

Application of Volume, Mega Volume & Hybrid lashes step by step

Lash Aftercare & how to educate your customer

Learning fill procedure

How to correct lashes

How to safely remove extension

How to cleanse lashes 

 In depth product reviews and how to choose

On-Going Support 

This course includes on-going support with our mentor-ship program at NO extra cost to you ever! 

Pro Lash Kit 

A Volume complete professional lash kit & Lash Manual is included. Not just practice material but enough products for up to 50 applications.

Exclusive Lifetime Di$count$

As a certified Impact Glamour Lash Tech you will receive a LIFETIME discount code for 15% OFF future Products & Course purchases. 

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