Lash Glue - Cristal Adhesive (Clear) - 5ML
Lash Glue - Cristal Adhesive (Clear) - 5ML

Lash Glue - Cristal Adhesive (Clear) - 5ML

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Work with nothing but the best and leave the rest behind!

Cristal is a clear premium adhesive and has a bonding strength of 8 weeks and it's ideal for an advanced lash artist that needs a fast drying flexible adhesive. It's very thin consistency and rapid dry time make Mega Volume Lashing so much easier and faster, making attachment a solid breeze and keeping your fans perfectly open with ease. 

Why chose a clear lash adhesive?

- This formula is ideal as a second option for clients who have experienced bad reactions to the average black-colored lash adhesives.

- Perfect to use when creating lash extension looks with colored lashes since these adhesives once fully dry turn clear.

 Cristal is formulated to work better in high and low humidity conditions.

This glue has some of the best retentions on the market and significantly helps to reduce time and amount of work, especially during refills, 

Latex and Carbon Free Premium Eyelash extension glue,5ml. This product is perfect for individuals who wear contacts or are sensitive to latex or have had allergic reactions when using black-colored adhesives due to containing carbon as an ingredient.

- This adhesive is recommended for lash artists with enough experience in the level at which the artist has mastered isolation.

- This adhesive works best in humidity between 30% and 70%.

- Ideal environment temperature 65 - 75 degrees F.

- Recommended Humidity and temperature for very fast drying time and best retention; 45%-65% humidity, and 69-72 Degrees F.

- Retention- 7- 8 weeks

- Viscosity- Thin

- Color-  Clear

- Fumes- Minimal

- Structure- Flexible

- Drying Time(s) 30-40% Humidity-  1-2 Sec 40-60% Humidity- 0.5 Sec

60-70% Humidity-  Immediate Available in 5ml bottle.

Always use within 30 days after opening.