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Crystal - Clear Lash Glue

Crystal - Clear Lash Glue

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Embark on a journey of lash perfection with Impact Glamour's Lashes Crystal Clear Eyelash Extension Glue - 5ml, a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of clear lash adhesives. Tailored for professional use by certified lash technicians, this top-quality lash product offers unrivaled retention, premium adhesion, and a crystal clear finish that lasts up to an impressive 8 weeks.

Crystal Clear Brilliance with High Retention: The translucent allure of Impact Glamour's Crystal Clear Eyelash Extension Glue is not just visual perfection; it signifies the highest retention properties. Crafted exclusively for professional lash technicians, this clear lash glue promises a premium adhesion experience, ensuring your clients enjoy long-lasting, impeccable lash extensions for up to 8 weeks.

Carbon Black-Free Formula for Versatility: Breaking free from convention, our carbon black-free formula is designed to seamlessly complement both colored and black eyelash extensions. Ideal for use with individual eyelash extensions, this clear lash adhesive maintaining its focus on precision and finesse.

Low Fumes, Fast Dry Time, and Humidity Resilience: The Impact Glamour's Crystal Clear Eyelash Extension Glue is more than a visual delight; it's a functional masterpiece. With a remarkable dry time of 1-2 seconds, this low-fume glue is a time-saving marvel, performing exceptionally well in high humidity (RH 50-70%) and temperatures of 70-74°F (21-23°C). This clear eyelash glue is gentle on sensitive skin, it minimizes the chances of eye irritation, ensuring a comfortable experience for your clients.

Low Viscosity and High Flexibility: Bid farewell to clumping and welcome proper elasticity with the thin consistency of our clear eyelash extension glue. Even under strong stress, this professional adhesive remains intact, protecting the lashes and ensuring a flawless lash application every time.

Glue Specifications:

Drying time: 0.5-1 sec
Lasting time / retention: up to 8 weeks* (★★★★★) * in laboratory
Lower Fumes Level (★★☆☆☆)
Viscosity: Low (★☆☆☆☆)
Skill Level: Advanced eyelash extension artists
Best eyelash extension environment conditions: 70-75F (21-24C), humidity RH 50-70%
Flexibility: High (★★★★★)
Color: Transparent
Volume: 5 ml / 0.17 fl. oz