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De Luxe - Black Lash Glue

De Luxe - Black Lash Glue

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Work with nothing but the best and leave the rest behind!

De Luxe Premium adhesive by Impact Glamour has a bonding strength of 8 weeks and it's ideal for all lash artists in need of a fast-drying flexible adhesive, with amazing retention and most importantly a sensitive formula to reduce eye irritation.

It's very thin consistency and rapid dry time make Mega Volume Lashing so much easier and faster, making attachment a solid breeze and keeping your fans perfectly open with ease. Also recommended for classic lash extension applications.


  • - This adhesive works best in humidity between 30% and 70%.
  • - Ideal environment temperature 65 - 75 degrees F.
  • - Recommended Humidity and temperature for very fast drying time and best retention; 45%-65% humidity, and 70-72 Degrees F.
  • - Retention- 7- 8 weeks
  • - Viscosity- Thin
  • - Color- Seamless Black
  • - Fumes- Minimal
  • - Structure- Flexible
  • Drying Time(s) 30-40% Humidity-  1-2 Sec 40-60% Humidity- 0.5-1  Sec 60-70% Humidity