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Cristal - Clear Lash Glue

Cristal - Clear Lash Glue

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The perfect clear lash glue is here!

Cristal is a premium clear lash adhesive and has a bonding strength of 8 weeks. Its carbon-free, latex-free sensitive formula is a must-have for all lash artists as a better option for clients with carbon and or latex allergies. Its clear color is also great when working with colored lash extensions and lash decals. Clear lash glues also give you a lighter density at the base of the lash extension to help create an even more seamless lash look. 


  • formulated to work better in high and low humidity conditions.
  • This adhesive works best in humidity between 30% and 70%.
  • - Ideal environment temperature 65 - 75 degrees F.
  • - Recommended Humidity and temperature for very fast drying time and best retention; 45%-65% humidity, and 69-72 Degrees F.
  • - Retention- 7- 8 weeks
  • - Viscosity- Thin
  • - Color-¬† Clear
  • - Fumes- Minimal
  • - Structure- Flexible
  • - Drying Time(s) 30-40% Humidity-¬† 1-2 Sec 40-60% Humidity- 0.5 Sec
  • 60-70%¬†Humidity-¬† Immediate Available in 5ml bottle.